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Guest Informational Guide on COVID 19

Dear Guests,

Estelle Luxury Apartments & Suites apartments with a feeling of heightened duty and with a clear awareness of the global situation that we are all being called to face; advices everyone to remain calm and vigilant so that we can, all together, united as one overcome this great obstacle.

We want to let you, our esteemed guests, know that we are receiving constant updates from all our domestic and global establishments (National Organization for Public Health – EODY, Greek Health Bureau, WHO, CDC) so that we will be able to inform you with any critical development.

Here at the Estelle Luxury Apartments & Suites apartments we are doing everything that is possible to maintain the highest hygiene standards by following the strict disinfection protocols that have been mandated from verified health professionals and our government. In this way we are trying to ensure that our hotel guests will be able to enjoy a safe accommodation along with the highest quality of services.

Thank you for your attention to the following:

Basic Measures against the transmission of COVID-19

Hand washing, use of sanitizers, avoiding handshakes, keeping physical distancing, avoiding touching the face with the hands, and generally following basic personal and respiratory hygiene measures.

Action Plan

Estelle Luxury Apartments & Suites apartments have developed an action plan and individual protocols for each department of the hotel to take measures, manage any suspected Covid-19 cases in order to prevent and limit the spread of the virus to staff and guests.

The action plan is in compliance with Greece’s and International health organizations’ guidelines and will be revised accordingly.

The staff

All staff members:

  • Are trained on practices for cleaning and disinfecting identified spots, on following hygiene rules to avoid transmitting the virus (frequent hand washing, avoiding handshakes, physical distancing, avoiding contact of hands with eyes, nose and mouth and respiratory hygiene).
  • Are aware of how the Covid-19 virus is transmitted and able to provide information to guests.
  • Are provided with personal protective equipment. (masks, gloves, face shields, waterproof aprons etc.)

Housekeeping (Rooms, Public Areas)

  • Improved disinfection and deep cleaning practices have been implemented in accordance with Health Organization’s instructions.
  • UV-C Disinfection Units are used to sterilize the rooms.
  • Steam appliance is used to clean all fabric surfaces.
  • In addition to the normal cleaning procedures, the public areas, the main entrance, reception, door handles, counter tops, tables, handrails, elevator knobs and other “high-frequency touch points” are being sanitized and disinfected frequently.
  • Individual antiseptic gel and antiseptic wipes are provided to each guest.
  • Wash all linens at a high temperature for optimal disinfection.
  • Improve air circulation processes to increase air quality.
  • Hand sanitizers are present in all public areas.
  • The daily cleaning and change of sheets, pillowcases and towels is carried out only upon request from guests.
  • Shared multi-purpose items such as stationary, menus, magazines, etc. have been removed from the rooms.
  • Display door hanger with cleaning and disinfecting information.

Useful information

Health Hotline: 1135

Main Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Bone pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Exhaustion
  • Difficulty in breathing